Who is SCA?

Saraland Christian Academy believes that the parent has the best interests of their children at heart. We believes that the parent is the first and only teacher that a child needs. In keeping with this philosophy, SCA wishes to support you, the parent, in your efforts to lead and guide your children in the direction and at the pace that you feel is best suited to the needs of your family.SCA asks only for what the Alabama State Law requires while offering support along with quality resources to aid your family in your homeschooling efforts. We are located in South Alabama (Mobile area) and offer freedom and support to anyone homeschooling in the state of Alabama.Saraland Christian Academy is an educational outreach of Fields of Grace Sanctuary located in Saraland, Alabama. Our primary ministry is to assist parents in taking their children back into the fold and provide them with the freedom, resources, and support to home educate in a safe and loving environment.

Common Questions

Who is homeschooling for?
Everone. Seriously.
How will I learn?
The world, internet, books, etc.. It is ALL at your feet. Everything is your education. At SCA we will show you how. We will guide you on courses you can take in the comfort of your home, that suits your learning ability.
Is SCA accredited?
No, we are not and it isn’t a requirement.

We recommend you read this and/or this article if you have concerns.
How will I socialize?
This is a big concern and one used to scare people away from homeschooling.

Consider taking on activities such as: martial arts, painting, pottery.. not only will you be socializing, your connecting with someone who already shares a common interest.

As we strengthen, we will help you connect with others. We have started a social network and are working to expand on ways to keep our enrolled families connected.
Why choose homeschool?
Education is important, do you want that choice in someone else’s hands on what you learn, or do you want to take the responsibility? Ultimately this is what it comes down to.

If you’re struggling in class, can’t keep up with their pace let alone focus — then I would consider the homeschool option.

You’re not alone and we are here to help you to our greatest ability.

We want to see all our students succeed.

Statement of Purpose

  • Provide a legal covering for those who choose to homeschool in the state of Alabama regardless of race, economic standing, teaching methods, or religious beliefs.

  • Offer support to those who have chosen to homeschool.

  • Provide freedom to aid families in their homeschooling journey.

  • Aid parents in the realization of goal achievement be it college or other personal goals.

  • Enable parents to take responsibility for their children’s academic, emotional, and moral growth.

  • Provide quality social and educational activities, field trips, and information to those who have chosen to homeschool.


We are a legal homeschool covering for Alabama.Our goal is to see that our students bring positive change to the future and strive in life to be honorable, strong-willed, and never stop their persuit for knowledge.


A cover school is an extension of a church. This gives parents an additional legal option of homeschooling in Alabama.

What we offer

  • Year round school enrollment

  • Official Transcripts & Diplomas

  • Graduation Ceremony

  • Student/Teacher IDs

  • Homeschool support

  • Private social media access

  • Report Cards

  • Guided Sessions

Download Our Handbook

Enrollment Fee
$160/Year per Family

Mid-Year Additional $25/per Child

Start Here

You will mail all forms to:
23 Bethel Forest Dr S
Saraland AL, 36571
Please be sure to include 3 self-addressed and stamped envelopes along with your documents.
SCA submits your documents to the local BOE as a courtesy for you.
If you have a Request for School Records form for multiple schools then please add an additional envelope for each school.

Step One

Fill and sign the enrollment form for each child.
You will make 3 copies per child:
One for you, SCA and your local board of education.
Keep your copy for your records or send to us to be signed.

Step Two

Fill and sign the family information formIf your info changes you will need to fill out this form again

Step Three

Send or bring a check/money order/cash to:
23 Bethel Forest DR S.
Saraland AL, 36571
or pay online using the link below
Enrollment/Re-Enroll: $160

Need to make a one-time payment?
(not enrollment/re-enrollment)
Make a payment to SCA at this link

While you wait ...

If we run into any issues, we will contact you.


As a courtesy, we will Mail, Fax or E-mail your enrollment form to your County Board of Education for you.You will still need to visit your prior school and notify them you are withdrawing to homeschool. They may have a separate form you need to sign.Now it’s time to focus on your child’s education as their new teacher.Visit our enrolled page to learn about some free/paid curriculum options and find extra homeschool resources.


Please call 251.259.8440
You will need to supply the following information:

  • Parent/Guardian Name

  • Child(ren) being withdrawn

  • Withdrawal date

  • Reason for withdrawal (optional)

Guided Learning / One-on-One

If you are choosing to withdraw from our sessions: please follow the below directions.

Once submitted, you will be officially withdrawn from Guided Learning. All money owed should be paid before completing this form. If there are any funds unpaid, you may be withdrawn from Saraland Christian Academy entirely and can not re-enroll with our cover school until your funds are paid.

Free Downloads

*Hard copies not being issued


REMEMBER you are the teacher now and it is your responsibility to find a curriculum that works for you. We can provide the resources but it’s up to you to apply it. Start with the basics: english, math, science and history. Add in some extra curricular such as pottery, rodeo, art, volunteering, etc.. and you will be off to a great start!Remember to keep a file of your child(ren)s work and grade their work accordingly. We can’t stress this enough, YOU are the teacher now.If you get stuck, we are here for you! Email or Text and we will respond at working hours.

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AL requires homeschoolers to take attendance.
You're homeschooled, you should not be absent from any days.
You can find an attendance sheet anywhere across google with a simple search OR you can use ours.

We took the time to design you an attendance sheet! All you have to do is print OR save to your tablet, fill it in and save for your records.Free PDF attendance form download


Pick a curriculumVisit our Curriculum page and pick one that best works for you. Or be eclectic and choose a mix up. Find what works for your family. Remember there is a ton of curriculum and a ton of options, you don’t have to pick what we share — any curriculum you find that works for you, do it. You’re the teacher now.


Some extra notesWe recommend creating an account at HSLDA.org. However, this is not a requirement.Homeschooling is about having fun and working at your own pace. The only expectations there are here are the ones you set for yourselves.
You graduate on your own terms. If there is a specific college you are looking towards, check their enrollment guidelines so you are aware of what you need to study to have on your transcripts to get into said college.
We offer transcripts & diplomas as well as a graduation ceremony (rules apply). OR you can do this yourself in the comfort of your own home.If you get stuck — we are an email or text message away.Enjoy this new path, we hope to see you achieve your best!